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Social media reality

There is a misconception that what we post on social media are pictures of our everyday "perfect" life events. That's not what I intend when I post things on my social media. Trust me- my house is messy. I can also be the first to tell you that I'm rarely looking like I'm going to a photoshoot. I'm lucky if my hair is ever done!
My social media reality is that I love pictures, writing and deep thoughts. This is honestly a hobby, to capture the beauty of our lives despite the hardships. When my kids look back on our blog, I want them to know there was beauty, love, and fun times in our family!
Moving from Mexico to the US and then 100 more times while in the US, I lost a lot of important valuables. I only own three baby pictures and have no idea where my favorite doll ended up. So with my children, I'll photograph every project, keep the noodle necklace and share a gushy story about every vacation. I'm my children's keepsake for now.
This is our b…

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