Monday, November 7, 2016

Hobby vs Reality

Oh boy, I haven't blogged in a while. 
I know that you don't all sit at home waiting for my next blog, but for my own records I'd like to be more constant than this. Jordan has been working on a blog he had to do for his class and I've helped him write a post or two. 
Helping him made me realize that blogging has always been my little hobby, but the funny thing about this hobby is, I only write about my experiences and in order to write about them, I have to have them first. 
The thing is, lately with this cute little bundle of joy that I's difficult to live them and have enough energy or time to write about them too. 

Just a quick update. 

Boston is 3 months now! Woahh! My little boy is growing growing and every day he gets cuter and smarter.  

I seriously love being a mom to my little guy and because I think we women deserve to praise ourselves a little more, I must admit, I'm rocking this whole being a mom stuff. I was happy to see how easy of an adjustment it has been for me. 

Jordan and I are both in school. I'm one credit shy of being full time and about one homework assignment away from going insane. I can't be both great at school and being a mom, so I choose the latter. 

We are still traveling all over. I can't remember the last time there wasn't a suitcase or box in our living room floor. Last week we went to Las Vegas for Jordan's company award ceremony. It was a red tie event so Boston was all dressed for the occasion. 

This was the first year Jordan didn't win some kind of award and with our competitive nature that was a tough pill to swallow, but then we looked down at our cute little trophy! We remember this past summer we survived and did the very best we could. He still finished top 4 in the big one-on-one competition so that was nice(:
I'm so incredibly proud of my hardworking husband. 
He has been killing it in school, has straight A's while being a dad, doing an internship and working for NOW. He's my dream come true (: 

Tomorrow we leave for Mexico!! 
We get to go to Cancun with NOW (the company Jordan sells for), visit my family in Mexico City AND we are also going to Molango! 
Molango is a city far away from Mexico City, where Jordan served for 7 months out of his mission. The members there are elect and we can't wait to visit them all. They're throwing a branch party so Jordan can see everyone! 

Life sounds like fun and games but we still sometimes struggle. Our house is a mess because we can't find time for everything. We have been sleep deprived trying to get all our homework done for our trip. Also, my anxiety is through the roof because I want both of my boys to be safe and healthy while we are in Mexico. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life as we know it..

I feel obligated to keep record of my thoughts before life takes a huge change. Because of some medical reasons we will be induced a week early. For the last month we have known the date when "show time" will happen and I've liked that, I like to know ahead of time, plan and prepare. 

Also, I'm doubtful that the amount of women who complain about delivering a week early is very high. 

These last few days I'm in awe at everything that surrounds me. I'm in awe at myself and women in general who are blessed enough to carry a special angel and do it so selflessly. My mom always taught me to never hold back on having children based on what would happen to my body. I thought that was obvious but I noticed a few years ago that fear was totally holding me back. I hate pain, I didn't want to gain crazy weight, I also LOVE sleep and I wasn't ready to give that up. 

I now can't bend down to pick up stuff as easily, I wake up all night trying to find a comfortable position, and look at myself in the mirror in complete awe of all the changes. Comfort is something so foreign and summer walks are painful. I'm pretty sure if I was to do a full body workout, I wouldn't know if I'm sore or just pregnant tomorrow. 

I thought turning 13 was a huge landmark in my life. Then I moved out, woke up in my own apartment with stranger roommates and lived a very fun life, THAT had to be the peak of my existence. However, I met a handsome blonde boy once who swept me off my feet and taught me what a magical life was like. 

For the last three years and four months everything has been so magical next to Jordan. We've struggled but we always find ourselves talking about how much we love our marriage. We are truly best friends. 

We've been blessed enough to snorkel in the Bahamas and see some of God's most beautiful creations. We've seen beautiful sunsets along some of the most beautiful coasts, walked through the great wall of China, seen amazing Mayan culture throughout Mexico and yet, we are bracing ourselves for the most magical moment yet. We get to become parents soon! 

I look back at all the pain and discomfort this week and know I'll miss it. I'll miss feeling our little buddy kick and wiggle inside me but I can't wait to get to know him!! I can't wait to share him with his daddy who loves him so much and can't wait to read and watch sports with him. 

Life as we know it is about to get so much better and we just can't wait! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Boy or Girl

Somewhere on my road as a teenager I decided that I would have all boys as my children. I think it was during the difficult teenage years when girls were annoying to me and I just wanted to hang out with the boys. 

Jordan had a dream on his mission of him holding a cute little girl who he is convinced was his daughter. He even named her! 

I have never been a big fan of telling people "you just know" because I feel like I should give people more than just that. However, this whole pregnancy has been exactly that for me. 

I "just knew" when I was pregnant even before I was able to take a test and I "just knew" I was having a little boy first, since I was a teenager haha. 

So over the past few months I just had to convince Jordan that we were having a little boy first and once he was convinced...I freaked out! 

What if I was leading him astray!? 
What would I do with all the boy baby clothes I've bought over the years?
Will I be able to raise a girl?

The week before the ultrasound I began to call my baby a she instead of a he. I wanted to make sure that this little angel knew I loved "it" regardless of gender...but I still held on to hope that it would be a boy. 

Then the ultrasound came... 

We are so excited to meet him!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Months later!

My main motivation to keep this blog updated was to tell all of our China stories. Turns out we lived China but didn't quite have time to write about it. 

We have been home for about 2 1/2 months now and we have LOVED being back in America! We loved China but it was time to return home. 

We got to surprise our families for Christmas, got an apartment and both are back in school now! Jordan is working hard getting ready for May which is when our next summer begins. 

Many people know but we must blog that before we left China, we received a call from heaven! There was a little angel eager to come down to join us! 

We are going to be parents and we are SOOO excited. We feel so blessed at the thought of being entrusted with one of God's little angels. A couple of years back we were told that I would have a hard time getting pregnant so that made me really scared to ever try. When Jordan brought up the thought in China I was very against it but after praying and feeling that excitement and call from heaven, I knew it was time and he did too. 

We were so blessed to get pregnant right away and I am sure that it's because our sweet angel is just so excited to join us!

The baby is Due August 11th, a few days before summer sales end for Jordan and I. We love our little China souvenir and enjoy joking that our baby was "Made in China".


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vacation from heaven

Oh boy time flies when you're having fun! 

I have been meaning to post about our vacations! 

I'd like to begin this post by helping you remember one time when you came home to a note from a loved one. Maybe with a sweet message along the lines of "Thanks for all you do! Love you".
Since being married I've been blessed to find those notes and they always make me feel so special and warm inside. 

Well, that is exactly how this trip turned out to be. This was our ten day vacation from teaching so another couple, Jordan and I decided to take on China and explore! 

Our first stop was Yaungshuo, China. I must say if you ever consider or have the opportunity to travel to China, other than Beijing THIS is the spot!! I LOVED it, and would go back in a heartbeat. This place is just so beautiful that I get butterflies thinking about it. 

I'll post pictures of our vacation but I must include the story that got us there. Because of our teaching schedule all four of us had to take a late train to Jinan- a city an hour away which was where our flight was departing from to get to Guilin (the biggest city near Yangshuo). The catch was that the distance between the train station and the airport was about 50 minutes by Taxi. The best we could do was find a train that would arrive with 2 hours to spare, so although we knew we'd have to hurry we figured we could make it. 

Arriving to the train station here in Weihai, we learned that our train had been moved to a different train station 40 minutes away from where we were without us knowing!! So after a tender mercy from the Lord and a nice police guard who helped us translate we got a ticket from that station an hour later! Which if you can keep up with my story, that meant we now only had 1 hour to make our flight from the train station in Jinan! AHH!! 

Once we arrived in Jinan we had 60 minutes to make it to the airport and catch our flight, but living in an overpopulated country makes that almost impossible. We rushed to the taxi lane outside the train station, only to find a line for the taxis that would take at least 30 minutes to get through! Jordan and Chris rushed to the officers again and with charades let them know we were desperate for a taxi and needed to make our flight. The Lord was once again merciful and they let us cut in front of the line and they helped tell our taxi driver we needed to HURRY! 

Our taxi driver was very understanding and rushed, which helped us get there in 30 minutes!!! We ran to check-in, rushed through security and I was first. I made up my mind that I'd run to our gate to have the plane wait for the rest of the group as soon as I was done with security. I grabbed my things and took off running, only to find that the gate was right in front of the security line. 

The Lord, once again being merciful gave us the pleasant surprise that our plane had been delayed!! We suddenly had time to eat dinner, use the bathroom and for once...RELAX! 

There were many instances like these where the Lord, through his tender mercies left notes for us everywhere saying "Thanks for all you do, I love you!". That made the trip so much more special and with heavenly help and heavenly sights it truly was a vacation from heaven! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Students and Parents

I'm ashamed that I haven't posted much about the reason we came here for...TEACHING!! 

Teaching...teaching...teaching! It's a full time job, we are constantly busy with meetings, lesson plans, preparing for lessons, making crafts for our classes, etc. We both teach kids ages 5-7 and they are adorable!

We teach at a boarding school so half of the kids stay here and we get to tuck them in sometimes! The first time we decided to tuck the kids in Jordan and I showed up at 7:30 (the time our leader told us). We decided to do the boys that night since girls and boys sleep separate. To our surprise we arrived right before shower time and were welcomed by a bunch of little undressed boys running around. They were so innocent and happy to see us, it was really funny! And the hugs were ....special haha 

Teaching is kind of difficult, somehow trying to get a bunch of kids to listen and obey your rules is hard when they don't understand you. Who knew?! The kids love the ILP teachers though! I've honestly never prayed for so much patience. At the beginning a lot of us were very discouraged and wondered how we would be able to do this for 4 months but it's getting easier. The kids are learning to love us, and learn our personalities. We are learning to love them and not stress so much about having a perfect lesson, as much as just an easy going lesson where they can learn English and have  fun! 

They say some of the funniest things sometimes and my favorite thing is when they try and make sentences out of words they know. Like sometimes they call me "pizza" just to be silly and other times we play charades while they try and describe toilet paper to me haha! 

Along with the students are the parents! All of our kids go home on weekends and since the parents know that they have American teachers, they like to invite us over for dinner. Home visits are SO fun. The first time we attended my student's house, it was Jordan, Kelly (our native), Andrew (another teacher who lives here but is from America), and I. They taught us how to make dumplings, and made us feel right at home! 

Since we don't really have our own home here it was so nice to feel that "home" feeling somewhere. They welcomed us with a lot of fruit, and even put up balloons! They offered us EVERYTHING they had and when it was time to cook they let us help and work with them. It reminded me of when I go home to Mexico and visit my aunts, except we didn't understand much but Jordan was a natural at rolling the dough for dumplings (: 

Our second home visit was to another one of my students homes. Thomas is one of the CUTEST students we have, he knows a lot of English and has been to America many times. I met his mom one time when she came to make pizza with my class and she spoke a lot of English to me so we were excited. This time the girls I co-teach with and I were invited, but we managed to smuggle Jordan in too! Which was a blessing because Thomas LOVED Jordan, he wanted to play with him the whole time, I think he got a taste of what having an older brother would be like. 

Thomas' mom is a fluent English speaker and we had a blast with them. They also made dumplings for us with a lot of delicious side dishes. There were a lot of mom's there with some of our other students too and we were blown away by Katie, my piano prodigy student. She was AMAZING at playing the piano. We had a lot of fun and it sounds like we will be invited many times more before we leave, which we are not complaining about! 

One of the times doing home visits I was asked about my religion. Due to the laws of China I wasn't able to say anything and it broke my heart. I was only allowed to say that I was a Christian, which the parent understood as I believe in Jesus. He then asked me in his broken English if I believed in Jesus, I didn't want to get in trouble so all I was allowed to say was "yes! Jesus is awesome!" (Awesome, was the only word he knew haha). However, we are building bonds with these families and my hope is one day they can come visit in America and we can share what I'm dying to tell them. 

We are getting very attached to some of the kids and families. It's hard to think we will leave them soon. I think at first we struggled with the initial culture shock but as the days go by, I love China more and more. It is so beautiful and tomorrow we leave on our 10 day vacation through China! Can't wait!! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beijing Part 2

So now to the beauty of Beijing...

I feel like Beijing came at a perfect time to break us in to the Chinese culture. Since we got here we have been SO busy running around, teaching the children, getting our classrooms ready, and finding all the things we need for our little apartment/dorm. 

The first thing we learned about was what the big fuss was about an overpopulated China. Boy oh boy China is packed! We learned from a friend we made on the train that it is illegal to have more than two kids, if you have more than 1 you have to pay the government A LOT of  money. 
I feel so sad to hear that but when you walk in the PACKED China, it's a little easier to understand. 
This was the train station

Our Hostel was super nice. We loved it. It's funny because it was by no means a 4 star hotel but we have learned to appreciate the little  things. When we got there I saw this board that had a lot of different countries...but Mexico wasn't on there so I got to draw my flag!

So to the part that made Beijing so fun... Jordan's mission skills came in handy! He dominated the subway system near our hostel! After the first day we didn't trust the Taxis so it would've been super easy to get discouraged but Jordan was a professional subway rider and we were able to travel wherever we wanted (: 

The first day we did some sight seeing and since it was a holiday weekend everything was packed. We had to "line" up with hundreds of people to walk into the forbidden city! It was so beautiful though, and then it started raining so we got some cool looking ponchos! 
People in China are afraid of the rain and believe it is VERY bad for you, so EVERYONE had umbrellas, it's so cute (: 

Jordan was fascinated by the doorstop on these doors haha 

I was fascinated by the detail on these buildings. They were so beautiful!

Wait...did I mention how PACKED it is here? Imagine this many people at the Washington monument!